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About Keystone Mascots

About Keystone Mascots

Keystone Mascots will offer you a practically perfect professional mascot program for a minor league price.

This minority-owned cottage business focuses on mascots: the ins, the outs, and the in-betweens.

It all started in 1980 when Erin Blank caught the mascot bug watching the Phillie Phanatic cavort around the field. As she acquired new mascot duties necessity often arose where Erin altered her costumes to fit her smaller frame. Necessity turned out to be the Mother of Invention in Erin's case and she was regularly called upon to help repair, improve, and create costumed characters for teams, schools, and businesses throughout the years.

Three decades later she is using her expertise to create light-weight, washable mascot costumes. Here’s a short list of what services we have to offer you!

Costume Repairs        Character Design
Costume Fabrication        Seasoned Entertainers
Training and Seminars        Marketing Consultation

Professional Mascot Training

Keystone Mascots has been hosting mascot camps since 1990.  We talk shop with hundreds of mascots world-wide, and what we learn helps you develop the right skills to keep your performers going season after season!  Keystone Mascots will also provide for you a whole slew of ideas for skits and props. In our mascot camps we emphasize the safe learning of acting and physical comedy skills, the proper use of mascots in promotion, and the strategic planning of appearances and special events. Like any other entertainer, Keystone Mascots knows that better training makes a better mascot!

Mascots For Hire

Keystone Mascots trains and auditions mascot actors. Our approved character performers are well experienced and have sweated their time in all levels of the National Collegiate Athletic Association, Minor League Baseball, Soccer, Hockey, Basketball and Indoor/Arena Football, as well as National Hockey League, Major League Baseball, National Basketball Association, National Football League, World Cup events and matches, and even the National Professional Lawn Snowmobile Drag Racing Association! No lie.


We’ll show you the money-making side of this entertainment niche

Here at Keystone Mascots, we will help create team logos and sketches to help boost your marketing! We sell mascot suits, and Keystone Mascots will also repair and clean your mascot costumes, even if they aren’t made by us!

Mascot Recycling Program

Have an old costume?  Donate! With our mascot recycling program, we at Keystone Mascots will give you up to $500 credit on a new costume, accessories, props, and/or mascot training. Your old mascot will redesigned and find a new life in the hands of a ministry organization or charity that works with children.