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What is a Mascot?

A mascot is more than a cheap costume.
It's the most visible representative of a brand.
It is a personality in sneakers.
Seeing a mascot creates instant memories.
Because mascots have been utilized by thousands of teams, schools and companies for over 50 years, an unspoken standard has been established by a scrutinizing body of consumers as to whether a mascot is effective or not.
So, how do you make your mascot character stand out in a crowd of cheap suits?

Building a Costume

Since 1983 owner Erin Blank has been developing an affordable, light-weight, mobile, washable, and personable design for her costumes.

Over the years, Erin has found some of the safest and most durable materials a mascot could ask for! Because of over 30 years of costumed character performance experience, she puts the safety of the wearer as the highest priority.  Now with a small squadron of sewing ninjas at her side your character can spring to life through innovative production.

Lead times average 4-6 weeks, with rush orders available for a nominal fee.

Included in a standard mascot costume package are:

* One-of-a-kind costume design(s)

* ONE HUNDRED PERCENT washable costumes -  most pieces can be cleaned using a standard machine

* Closed-cell EVA foam heads with adjustable batting helmets and four point chinstraps for light weight ease of movement and stability for acrobatics

* Open-cell marine foam for muscular structures and details

* Antron "Muppet" fleece which can be dyed to match your PMS colors

* Performance perspiration-wicking mesh linings

* Installation of a squirrel cage fan upon request

* Safe screening (mesh or perforated plastic) with great sight lines and ventilation for the performer

* Sizing for heights of 5′ to 6′ (or to your performer’s measurements) and variable shoe sizing, or individualized, integrated shoe bases upon request

* Mascot camp handbook containing costume care instructions as well as performer skills and advising ideas

* Professionally embroidered logos for your character and merchandise inventory

* Durable and washable shoes of our own design OR based off of more than a dozen companies in the market

* Free cleaning and mending services for the first year

* Manufacturer's warranty up to two years

* Travel bag for the costume

* Professionally rendered logo image of your character for a nominal fee

Here at Keystone Mascots we provide a variety of services:

+ We can work with you to design and build costumes from scratch or repair and update mascots who have seen their share of performances.

+ Need some new clothes? We also provide wardrobe services. From tuxedos to jerseys, to hats and shoes, we can dress your mascot in style!

+ Feeling gross and sweaty? We clean costumes, too!

+ Do you have a costume, but no one to wear it? We can provide trained and experienced performers and handlers with years of experience!

+ Has your suit reached the end of the line? Don't throw it away! We have recycling services to bring new life to old mascots.   

Mascot Recycling

Mascots don’t have to face the eternal dark closet anymore!  Send us your old costumes and/or parts and Keystone Mascots will offer up to $500 credit on our services including costumes, camp, accessories, and training.

Once the old outfits have been evaluated, their structures will be altered enough to eliminate any trade marks or copyright infringement, and we sell the altered costumes to other organizations. 

A few of our recycling participants include Kutztown University, Detroit Tigers,  Augusta Greenjackets, Bowie Baysox, Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Pioneers, and Bossier/Shreveport Battle Wings.

Mascot Costume Recycling beneficiaries include Upward Sports, Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Railriders, Oneonta Tigers, Baltimore Nighthawks, Critter Crossing Ministries, Crestwood High School, Daniel D Lion Ministries, and Daniel Boone High School.

If you would like to recycle your old costume OR be placed on the rebirth waiting list, please email us, or call (717) 799-0233.

Want to try something no one's done before? Got an idea that seems a little off the wall? We're the company for you! Get in contact with us.